create a Correctional Facilities Panel charged with examining the conditions at Illinois’ correctional centers. Until the panel completes the review and submits its findings to the General Assembly, a moratorium would be placed on all correctional facility closures. House Bill 1235 was introduced after a number of seemingly arbitrary and sudden prison closure announcements, including the Administration’s recently publicized intentions to close Pontiac Correctional Center.

In other action, Senate Republicans are once again calling for an end to costly Road Funds diversions, which they say will help the state take better care of its roadways. Under Governor Rod Blagojevich, more than $2 billion has been taken out of Road Funds to finance unrelated government programs. The state gasoline tax and other fees are contained in Road Funds, which is meant to be used for the repair and construction of new roads; however, the Governor has used the diverted funds for programs unrelated to transportation priorities.

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