Senator Tim Bivins says the Fiscal Year 2008 budget passed May 31 has some good points, but the way it was handled is a terrible disservice to Illinois taxpayers.

"Having developed and lived within a budget for 20 years, I am aghast at this process,” Senator Bivins said. “We don’t see most of the numbers for the budget until just a few hours before the vote is called. This is a disservice, not just to lawmakers, but also to the public.”

The 45th District Senator said the $59 billion budget increases spending at a time when the state is not meeting its current obligations, and starts the fiscal year with a revenue shortfall of more than $2 billion.

“The budget is fiscally irresponsible. We keep adding programs without meeting our current obligations. We need to do a better job at paying our bills before expanding our spending,” Senator Bivins said.


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