Although $1.4 billion has been vetoed from the state budget, senators do not expect to be returning to Springfield anytime soon to address the reductions made by Governor Rod Blagojevich, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

The decision by the Senate’s Democrat leadership not to take up the budget cuts may mark the first time in history that a Governor’s spending vetoes won’t be reviewed and voted on by the full Senate. That has frustrated and disappointed many Republican senators, Senator Bivins said.

The Illinois House took action earlier this month on the Governor’s vetoes and voted to overturn $480 million in cuts.  However, the $1.4 billion in reductions will remain in place unless the Senate overturns the vetoes too.  And that’s unlikely because Senate President Emil Jones of Chicago, has said he plans to run out the clock on a constitutional deadline to take up the vetoes within 15 days of receiving them.  In addition, Senator Jones has already let the deadline expire on three other major budget bills that contained another $211 million in cuts.

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