Senator Tim Bivins says it is no coincidence that the majority of funding cuts for state parks and historic sites will affect regions represented by lawmakers who have not supported the Governor’s misplaced budget priorities.

Governor Rod Blagojevich’s office announced August 28 that it would close a number of historic sites, parks and natural areas, and eliminate 450 jobs, many of them front-line employees for social service agencies.

“Take a look at where the funding cuts are, and what park districts and historic sites are affected and it is pretty obvious. The Governor’s cuts are blatantly political,” Senator Bivins said. “They affect the districts of lawmakers who continue to try and hold Blagojevich accountable – like Senate Republican Leader Frank Watson or Senator Mike Jacobs, an East Moline Democrat who has been a vocal critic of the Governor on more than one occasion. And it is no coincidence that more than half of the affected sites are in my district and slightly southeast in the 38th District, an area represented by my Republican colleague Senator Gary Dahl of Granville.”

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