The House of Representatives voted during the week of September 8-12 to restore funding to keep state parks and historic sites open, and to stop Governor Rod Blagojevich’s efforts to kill ethic reforms, but Senator Tim Bivins said that Senate President Emil Jones refuses to reconvene the Senate to consider the measures.

Senator Bivins said an immediate lack of action by the Senate means the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Historic Preservation Agency (HPA) will not receive funding in time to prevent the closures, and the ethics reforms are jeopardized.

By utilizing special state bank accounts, the House was able to restore $221 million in funding cuts needed to prevent 11 historic sites from closing on October 1, and 13 state parks from being shut down on November 1. Unfortunately, the General Assembly is not expected to reconvene for its fall veto legislative session until November 12, which is 11 days after DNR and HPA will be forced to shut down the parks and historic sites.


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